Parque del Palmerito is devoted to conservation of flora and fauna in the Cataviña region of central Baja California. Marked nature trails, a small museum, eco-friendly bathroom facilities and dedicated campsites allow visitors to discover the wonders of the Central Desert.

The park is located 2 kilometers west of Cataviña, BC on the north side of Highway 1 starting at about Km 164. Parque del Palmerito includes about 2,000 hectares of historic central desert and boulder field landscape. The northern half of the property has no roads and is left as a nature reserve. Most of the land along the highway will be fenced off to form a conservation area and to help minimize uncontrolled motor traffic and those campers who do not take their trash with them. Near the east end of the property a small museum and nature trail have been established for the enjoyment of visitors to the area. The museum and its natural trail are open free of charge. There is a nominal fee charged for use of facilities in the adjacent gated area.