The Parque del Palmerito museum is open dawn to dusk 365 days a year. There is no charge for entrance to the museum or the nature trail adjacent to it. Access to eco-friendly bathroom facilities, campgrounds, hiking trails and picnic areas is by paid admission through a gate behind the museum. The entrance fee to all facilities in the gated area of the natural park is $10.00 per vehicle per day for up to four passengers. Children under 12 are admitted without charge.

Please stay on the trails in the natural park area

Dogs are allowed on a leash, please pick up after your pet.

It is not permitted to :
- light fires outside picnic areas
- drive vehicles off ttrails
- collect firewood
- play loud music
- collect or disturb anything

1. Museum trail. 10-30 minutes. A gently sloping trail which leads to an overlook of the Arroyo del Palmarito. Most of the plant species unique to the central desert region are present and identified.

2. Palmarito Trail. 20-40 minutes. Mostly a gently sloping trail with one steeper hill to climb. The trail heads west from the parking lot at the end of the campsite road and ends near the water pools of the Palmarito.

3. Box canyon trail. 30 min. to 1 hour. A steeper trail that branches off the Palmarito trail and continues up over a rocky slope to the box canyon behind the Palmarito. There are higher elevations and wider views of the Palmarito park.